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Our NBC 4 Latino Interview!

The Official Prison Walls Music Video is out!!

City Island’s first EP, ALL THE LOVE, is out NOW!!

Bandmates Nick Pretel and Josh Anthony are lifelong friends and creators of City Island. After releasing their first EP All The Love and their first music video for Prison Walls, they face the question of “What comes next?”. With features in the Bronx Buzz, Spectrum 1 in LA and NBC News 4 Latino they certainly have the momentum to aim high. They continue to write and collaborate toward more musical projects to come.

City Island is showcasing their music with live performances in the city. They are filled with more passion for their craft than ever before and the energy is only going up from here with the release of their first EP. Stay tuned for more coming soon.

“All The Love” is available on all streaming platforms! Stay up to date with City Island on their Website, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

Here’s some photos of our past shows

Catch you at the next one!!